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vegetarian Veggie Corner. Jl. Imam Bonjol 133, Denpasar, ph: 489 183,
vegetarian Sabha Vegetarian. Vegetarian restaurant. Jl. Tukad Irawadi No. 31, Panjer, Denpasar. We serve traditional Balinese food.
vegetarian “Tjahaya Maitri" Depot Vegetarian. Distributor and supplier local and import vegetarians ingredients & food. Available: Chines Food & Indonesian Food. We accept vegetarians food for parties. Location: Jl. Pulau Misol No. 9 (Simpang Enam). Contact: phone +62-(0)361-249 382, mobile: +61-(0)81 851 6810. [map]

Aromas Restaurant , Jl. Raya Legian, Bali.

Vegetarian Healthy Food Vegetarian Healthy Food. Free spiritual check up. Free herbal bath for treatment. Herbal medicines healing ski and other problems. Treatment from head to toe. Special massage with herb. Location: Jl. Jembawan No. 5 (next to post office Ubud, Bali). Contact: (0361)742 6189, mobile: 085 2371 04401
vegetarian Vegetarian Tavern . Balinese style. Nasi campur Rp.5,000. Available: steam rice, soup, bread, cake. Locatin: Sanur Bypass, 1 km n. of KFC on way to Ubud. No MSG – all natural.