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Bali private surf lessons for beginners and kids surf lessons on Kuta Beach, starts at Rp 250,000 per person, our surfing school offers surfing lessons in Bali that are perfect for beginners and intermediate level surfers of all ages. Bali Smile Surf Lesson in Bali has a warm and friendly staff to help you get the most out of your first surfing experience. Boy or girl, young or old, it makes no difference, anyone can surf, and you will learn how to surf in your first lesson.
Odysseys Surf School is a surfing school with a reputation for it's open, fun and friendly atmosphere. Established in 2003 and sponsored by Oakley and supported by the Academy of Surfing Instructors Australia, Hard Rock Cafe, Surftime-Surf Mag, we have the know how, skill, experience and resources to make our surf school an exciting place for its students to learn how to surf in Bali. From several different Kuta activities available to choose from, Bali surfing is considered by many as being the most fun and challenging Bali activity while you are in Kuta. It could also be cheap if you book through Odysseys Surf School. Odysseys. Surfing is fun! Standing up in your first lesson. Daily surfing lesson USD30. Location: Hotel Mercure Arcade, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali. Contact: +62-(0)361-742 0763, 7411 856, 767 419, 767 411 (ext. 199)
Run Up Surf School. Surf lesson, surf guide, surf vespa tour, surf photography/video, board painting, ding repair, accessories. Jl. Benesari (lawalon) No. 24, Legian
PALU. Surf shops, surf board factory, surf school, surf tours, wholesale surf accessories. Palusurf is a small Australian company. We live, work and more importantly surf, all over Indonesia. Our homes, family, and factories are all in Bali. We have dedicated our lives to surfing and to the fantastic lifestyle that is associated with spending your days looking for that ultimate surf. We use and test all of our products daily, in what we believe to be some of the best surf in the world. We manufacture using Australian management and quality control, along side our dedicated and loyal Indonesian workers. We are proud to call ourselves "old school" and hold dear the important values of family, trust and loyality.
Wave Riders Surf School Tours & Travel. Jl. Pantai Kuta #1, Kuta, ph: 760 098, 8155 8000 416,
Surf Academy. Legian Beach Hotel. Jl. Melati Legian, ph: 751 711, 755 460,,
Bali Learn To Surff. The only accredited instructors in Bali. Daily lessons/booking essential. Free equipment use: safe leaner suffboard, UV protection surf shirt. Location: Hard Rock Hotel Bali. Contact: +62-(0)361-761 869 ext. 8116,
Pro Surf. Learn to surf. Best value. Supportive, friendly, safe & fun. Include insurance, instructors & safety. Surf Lessons, Surf Trips, Bali Surf Camp Learn to surf with the top surf school in Bali. Pro Surf School offers comprehensive surfing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers, as well as surf trips around Bali.Contact: +62-(0)361-744 1466, +62(0)8123 675 141 (24 hours), We’ll go as far as guaranteeing the best instructors and surf experience on the island. We are also located right at Half Way Kuta Beach, which has probably the best waves for learning in Kuta & Bali. Location: Istana Rama Hotel, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali.
Rip Curl School of Surf. Your guide to the the wonderful world of surfing the waves. If you are interested in the sport of surfing and want to find out information on learning to surf, waves, surf reports, surf videos, surfing equipment, surfboards and accessories then you have come to the right place. Location: PT Jaya Bersama, Jl. Arjuna, Kuta, Bali. Contact: +62-(0)361-735 858,