Andaman Islands India Private Luxury Sailing Phinisi Yacht - enchanting luxury Phinisi Schooner with Yacht style - luxury yacht charter exotic destination

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  • Private Luxury Charter Yacht, a traditional Pinisi Schooner with Yacht style.


Private luxury yacht charter sailing to Andaman Islands, the exotic India, remain isolated islands with indigenous tribes untouched by the modern world, deserted beaches, crystal clear waters, inland forests, and India's only active volcano. The Islands have some of the world’s best beaches with plenty of forest cover.

Andaman islands are closer to Malaysia and Thailand than India itself and yet it is definitely Indian teritory.

Things to find and to do in Andaman Islands:

  1. fantastic fishing
  2. islands wildlife: crocodile sanctuary, elephants, deers, birds, wild boar, etc.
  3. Indian culture
  4. dense tropical rain forests mangrove swamps
  5. deep sea scuba diving & snorkling
  6. island adventure: as trekking, island camping
  7. birdwatching
  8. crystal-clear waters